TLC Plans

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Total LAN Care Maintenance Plans (TLC Plans)

One major service offering of A3 Woods Consulting is a total LAN maintenance plan, which encompasses a client’s total network. 
A3 Woods Consulting will assume maintenance for system software upgrades and patches, anti-virus definition updates, tape backups and restores, basic or advanced administrative functions, and network issues that occur due to software or hardware failure.    The company will also coordinate warranty issues as they apply to hardware or software components.  This plan involves prepaying for hours based on projected needs, while receiving a 5 to 25 percent discount over our normal billable rates, based on the plan option. 
A3 Woods believes that the client savings comes first, so hours purchased through a TLC plan can be used for just about anything, including projects and most other services offered through A3 Woods Consulting.  Contact us for our current rate schedules or more information to see if a TLC plan is right for your business needs.

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